Vastu For Dining Room

As per Vastu Shastra, a dining table should not be near the entrance of the house. It should not be at a place where it is seen by guests from the door. Vastu Shastra recommends that the dining table should be kept in the heart of the house. It also tells us about the right direction to face while having a meal. It can also be kept close to the kitchen.
It is said that the family that eats together, stays together. Creating a soothing ambience is really important for ensuring a peaceful and enjoyable mealtime. Good ventilation, comfy chairs, ideal lighting and scrumptious food, all make for an exciting dining space, but don't let bad Vastu take away the benefits of a good family meal.


Right Direction for Accessories According to Vastu for Dining Room

Accessories And Their Best Direction As Per Vastu
  1. Fridge In Southeast
  2. Wash Basin In Northeast
  3. Console In Southwest wall of the dining area
  4. Microwave, Radio and Television In Southeast
  5. Windows In North or East side
  6. Doors In East, North, or West

Sitting Arrangement
  • 1. The head of the family must always face east while eating.
  • 2. The rest of the members can face north, east, or west.
  • 3. Avoid the Southern direction
  • 4. Keep the number of dining chairs even to avoid dispute within the family members.

Colors According To Vastu For Dining Room
Vastu colors for home suggests that the color of the dining room walls must be:
  • • Light green
  • • Orange
  • • Cream
  • • light pink
Avoid painting the walls white or black.

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