Vastu For School

A school is the institution of knowledge and treasure building the potent future. If the foundation is not strong then how can we expect our children to get the exact knowledge in order to produce good result! Vastu of school analyses every aspect that contribute in making its students bright and brilliant thereby enhancing concentration and de-stressing. Directions play important role in our life and if a school is being constructed in the wrong direction no student will able to cope and concentrate for the good. Hence Vastu is beneficial for every school.


Vastu Tips For School

  • • All institutes should be built with East or North-east entrance.
  • • Leave more space towards the East and North-east while other parts like South, West and South-west must be used for construction.
  • • Classrooms should be made with entrance in East and blackboard in West.
  • • Platform of teacher's desk must be made some feet high from the ground.
  • • Beams in the classroom must be constructed carefully ensuring that no student sit under the beam.
  • • Staff room must be made in North-west.
  • • Toilets should also be built up in the North-west direction.
  • • Pantry or canteen in the institute should be made in South-east corner.
  • • Owner or principal's office must be constructed in South-west or South direction only so that she/he can sit facing North.
  • • Meeting rooms must be situated in North with east facing door.
  • • Open play ground should be constructed in the Eastern portion.
  • • Reception and cashier room must be located in Eastern or Northern side.
  • • Library in the institute can be made in Western portion.

We have to take care of the following points while studying about the vastu of the institution. Vastu consultation of institutions involves a thorough analysis.
  • • The proper location of the institution
  • • The ambience or the surrounding atmosphere of the educational building
  • • The exteriors of the office like shape, slope, height, water level
  • • The location of the beams
  • • The direction of the Entrance
  • • The direction & placement of the windows, temple, classrooms, students furniture, staff room and principal room
  • • The direction & placement of the library, laboratory, medial room, administration block, canteen and dining hall
  • • The direction & placement of the playground, swings, electrical equipments, stairs, water boring and water products
  • • The direction & placement of the pantry/kitchen, toilets, parking, staff quarters, overhead water tank and boys/girls hostel
  • • The direction and placement of the staff underground water tank
  • • The direction and placement of the septic tank or the waste disposal

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