Vastu And Astrology

The association between Vaastu Shastra and Astrology is everlasting. To put it in a simpler way, we can understand it by knowing that when the number 'one' is put before another number 'one' we call it eleven but when the number 'one' is deducted from number ' one' we obtain a zero. What it means in our context is that both Vaastu shastra principles and astrology are useful. If a person has constructed a house in accordance with Vaastu and is passing through a favorable period astrologically, the effect of their combination is multiplied manifold. In case, either one is weak or unfavorable, negative influences take place. Here, we are giving only auspicious combinations of stars regarding construction of building, according to which anybody can take a decision about construction of a building:

If the Lord of the fourth House is powerful, placed in the center (kendra) and expected by benefits.
If the lords of second and eleventh houses are positioned in the fourth house and the lord of fourth house is in conjunction with each other. They are expected for benefits.
If both the lords of ascendant and fourth houses are positioned in the fourth house or in the first house and are either exalted or occupy their own signs.
If both the fourth house and its lord are in watery sign or if the benefactor (karaka) of the fourth house (Moon or Mercury) is in a water sign, then a person gets land etc. from his brothers, wife or wins it from the enemies, without any effort.

Directions Ruling Planet Room
North Mercury Living (Sitting) room safe
NorthEast Jupiter Worship Room , Living Room
East Sun Living Room , bathing Room (No Toilets)
South-East Venus Kitchen
South Mars Kitchen Store Room
South-West Rahu Master Bedroom Heavy Storage
West Saturn Chldren's Bedroom Store Room Study
North-West Moon Guest Room , Bathroom , Grain Storage Room

The north east half of the plot is called the Solar half and the South west half is called the Lunar half. Ideally the Solar half should be lower and the Lunar half should be higher. This ensures the ideal flow of light, solar energy & polar energy from east and north and water flows from West to East and from South to North. This type of plot brings joy and happiness, good children and all the success in life to the occupants of the building erected on it.

Avoid plots humped at the center and sloping on all sides. Same is applied for the plots that are depressed at the center.

The north east side of the land should be the lowest side. If the northeast side is at a higher elevation than other sides of the property, you can dig soil from that one side and use it to build up the other parts. The land should either slope down towards the north or east, but not towards the west or south. Land sloping north brings riches, sloping east brings good fortune, sloping south brings ruin, and sloping west brings financial loss.

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