Welcome to Amogh Foundation

Welcome Friends !
Amogh Foundation is a organization where our team is helping people to find solutions of their life problems. We are trying to spread conciousness through our service of Vastu, Jyotish and other solutions mentioned in our various ancient scriptures.

Our Vision

Vision of Amogh Foundation is to remain a dominant player in Vastu Shastra and Jyotish sector in the country while also extending reliable and cost-effective Vastu, Astro services to all.

Our Mission

Amogh Foundation as a progressive, customer spirited and consumer responsive Entity is committed to provide nation-wide reliable Vastu Shastra service to serve as impetus to social, political and economic development of the Country and it's people.

Our Story

Thousand of years ago, our ancient sages had programmed theories about how to live a healthy and prosperous life. Vastu, Jyotish, Yoga meditation, ayurveda are some of them, they discovered. These sciences help us to live in harmony with nature. By applying these sciences we can enrich every dimension of our life with abundance of wealth and happiness.

Once Abraham Lincoln had mentioned in a context -“First we shape our building, then our building shapes us”. Even J.P. Morgan once famously said,”Millionaires don’t need Astrologers, but Billionaires do.”

We, Amogh Foundation Family are committed to solve the problems aroused in various dimension of people’s life through the secret remedies from the knowledge of our ancient sages.

Our Team

  • Acharya Rajendra Basnet


  • Surendra Dangol


  • Acharya Ananda Kumar Rungta

    Vastu Acharya

  • Pramod Singh Thapa


  • Er. Ananda Shrestha

    Civil Engineer

  • Er. Shrijana Shrestha

    Civil Engineer

  • Er. Avon Wagle

    Computer Engineer

  • Arjun Bhusal


  • Laxmi Ghale

    Vastu Expert

  • Ishwor Shamsher Kunwar


Amogh Foundation