New Design For Vastu Buildings

We are providing Vastu designs for your home according to your need and interest. We are aware of the dimension and the criteria you need. We are very much concerned about your comforts and well being.Our professional team of Vastu Shastris, Astrolgers, Engineers, Architects and other staffs will help you to make your life to its fullest possibilities. We change your home into Vastu home and your life into Vastu life !

Design Modification

If you have just designed for your home and interested to do Vastu. We take your home directions through compass and we analyze how much your home is right according to Vastu and nature. After this examination, we modify your design into Vastu design so that it will give you more happiness, prosperity and success.

Vastu Remedies Without Demolition

We do Vastu without Demolition !
We know, any defect of Vastu Dosh in your home signifies a specific weakness / losses in your life. It hampers your particular dimension in your life situation. We help you to fulfill / maintain that particular lackness that you have to pay for Vastu Dosh. Without demolishing any part of your house, our remedies are simple, scientific and reliable through which you will get better life.

Vastu Temples/Homes

We also do Vastu work for Temples and Home according to Stapatya Veda. We do all these things to achieve a special purpose. All these are done according to the vibration of Nakshetras, its numerical values and thier precise measurements. Western architecture have 3dimension : length , breadth and height but according to Vastu we can go upto 9dimensions. Except from length,breadth and height we can add time, purpose , etc. can be added to it so that it can go upto 9fold.

Interior Design & Advice

We can provide you the service of Interior Designing. Our Interior designers are very much concerned about Vastu norms. And if you have interior designs and you are aware of Vastu then we can assists your interior designer to modify the designs with respect to Vastu.

Life Programming

We know there are five elements in our Universe. They are Pancha Maha Butash. They are termed as 'Aakash','Vayu','Agni','Jal' and 'Prithvi'. And we have forces :- Aatma, Manas, Kala and Indriyas. These factors are creating creators, balancers and destroyers of the nature.The five elements manifest from universal consiousness into individual consiousness as three attributes or mental gunas. ie. Sattva,Rajas and Tamas.These all are affecting the nature and the sub-conscious.And to get success in definite service there should be definite procedure and system. We analyze all your conditions their factors and provide you a system which we have named Life Program.

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